This a record of me letting go.

I have read hundreds of books that intimate and even outright say, that the way to live your life is by letting go. So having run my own hosting company for 20 years or more, I have sold it without making any real plans as to what to do next, while at the same time letting go. I have some money, and investments, which maybe be enough, or may not be enough to make it to the end. Either way, I don’t really mind. Anything is better than being forced to work like a slave in the current system. A system I completely disagree with.

A system – of control – that is keeping the sovereign humans on this plain from realising their true potential. A system based on nothing more than the collection of paper tokens. Tokens that people kill for, will invade countries for; will lie, steal and beg for. I am a great fan of, and user of, Bitcoin, as it separates state from money, giving back sovereign wealth to individuals, while at the same time breaking the strangle hold of the banking cartels through decentralisation.

Most of us think we are somebody, whereas I believe we are all nobody. I believe we have been fed lies since we first went to School. Lies about science, history and our part in the world. Most of our thinking – if not all – is way out of date. And I prefer the maverick scientist over mainstream poisoned opinion. Most people are asleep, though there are the ‘woke’ few who are starting to see what we have all known for most of our lives. That something is wrong, you can’t say what it is, or how you know, but you just do.



The morning thinness followed the dawnAwareness stifled the starsBeing aware you are thatIt’s scent feels strong under the lights