• Clasp

    The wind the light the forbidden
    the artist the cold and remembering.

    Clasp the illusion and the meaning
    you are suffering the artificial.

    Softly feel this incredible No-thing
    abandoned for fortune, compromised
    disillusioned; pleasure And whispers.

    Until spring finally arrives.

  • Ends

    Tell nobody you shimmer
    neither life nor plumage impress the changing
    imperceptible realities.

    Not all souls know their defects
    beauty was special, sensible, located
    god and the word was there.

    You found special preferred light
    the stars constant paradox want hopes.

    Naive eyes, with suspicious concern
    know that everything life held once

  • You are that

    The world is a collection of objects.

    That which perceives the objects 

    Cannot itself be an object.

    You are That.

  • Ocean

    Be the Ocean
    Not the boat