Musing from the Poly

13th Jan 2019

A yellow spring could be on the way. I wonder how ‘they’ will manage to diffuse the issue that has arisen since the inequality that was unleashed in 2008. Over the last ten years the gap has widened and the controlled mainstream press are doing their best to push a divide between the people. It won’t work.

Strong arming protesters will just make it work. Many people now, have nothing to lose, and that is something a government should never let happen. As there is nothing more dangerous than a person with nothing to lose. I support the yellow vests, as I support sovereignty of every human being.

So, let’s see how it unfolds. The uprising may be delayed, may not be on television, but it will happen. Because change, real change, will not come in the form of a ballet box, a corrupt government, biased mainstream fake news and ability for people to learn the truth. It will come with violence, as it always has.

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