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20th Jan 2019

My current reading is Arthur Schopenhauer. What a read! Amazing how far ahead of so many western thinkers of the time. One would be forgiven for presuming he must have had some kind of ‘oneness’ experience. He eloquently and in a way that makes it accessible to most, explains life and our part in it. Positing ideas that not only make sense, but also alleviates some of the obstacles in life.

Understanding is the bringing of ignorance into the light, and with it comes the exhilaration for knowledge. Over the last eight years I have consumed an immense amount knowledge. Literally like a having a new operating system installed. The world is no longer the same place as it was, thankfully.

Due diligence in the form of gaining knowledge – if we are not to be herded and treated like sheep – is of absolute importance. Science, history, economics all needs to be re evaluated as much of it is incorrect. Doctored history to paint a different picture, doctored science to boost an agenda, and as for economics, I think the state of the world speaks for itself. We have been lied to, and are being lied and the sheeple cannot see it.

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