Musing from the Poly

22nd Jan 2019

The quality of music on the planet is just outstanding. Growing up, there was great music, but not easy to find. And so much got left behind because the greedy music industry controlled what you did and what you didn’t hear. Not so now. In the 80’s the advent of rave, and DAW democratised music, making it affordable to many more people, and there for allowing people to get creating. And now the world is ringing to every sound under the sun [ as we call it ]

Everyday I hear something new; a new twist on what you can do. Every conceivable combination of instruments, voices and sounds. The quality of writing has just exploded. I can’t believe it can get better and though I suspect it will. The phrasing, the combination of words, it’s just epic. And as long as I don’t lose my hearing, all will be well where ever I am.

Albeit a long time since I added to the worlds sounds, I feel the urge strongly. One cannot listen to the greatness around you, one just has to put ones head down and get busy. As I get more used to my new found freedoms, I shall no doubt move towards the things I have known and loved over the years. Riding motorbikes like a crazy person, and making music. God forbid I shall ever grow up or become an NPC or a normie. I a have feeling it’s not in my stars.

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