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24th Jan 2019

I had in interesting chat with a friend today. They are spiritual in nature, and so we were talking about such things. When she started telling my about how a way through to – if you like – another dimension, is just to listen to birds. And that the bird is speaking directly to you, and if you just listen, it will take you somewhere. Kind of out there shit, but this is someone who is no hippy, and has travelled the world as a seeker. Makes sense as I often fall in to rapture when listening to the dawn chorus up here in the summer.

Now I shall not write more. I am amazed to have managed to write something everyday, as set out by me, albeit it a kind of routine. I do it to re discover writing again, having stopped for the last few years. To get the idea of just writing something, much like a diary I guess, but not plan, just see what comes out. It is a good discipline and is good for me, as without my own enforced routine, I would drift. My interests are so diverse that I have to be careful that I never settle on any one thing, though at the same time, that is my natural state. Social conditioning …. what a bitch!

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