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25th Jan 2019

Such an irritable day yesterday, in fact the last couple of days. Strange as I could find no real reason, besides possibly medication I am taking. Not being one who takes prescribed drugs, I have been on a few courses recently. So maybe it was that, maybe the last vestiges of work. The few users I have to move on, who knows.

It is not always easy to see what you have, rather than what you don’t have. We often glide past the finishing post, only to create a new one, leaving the old one as something not good enough. Also to not acknowledge gratitude for the same reasons. You achieve what you are focusing on, and then once the objective is reached, your mind jumps to what is still not right. I would say a human condition.

Today, is going to be different. No stress, no plans, just see how it unfolds. A few nice things to do, get carpet quote, pick up some paint. Basically a day doing things that don’t matter, and yet does matter. Cleaning up, throwing out, and moving forward. Though there is no destination, it still feel like moving forward. Time, what a silly concept.

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