Musing from the Poly

26th Jan 2019

Falling behind with keeping the blog updated. It is only me that reads it, but it’s about creating the habit of writing something everyday. So I must continue and catch up, if I miss a day. Albeit a day late, a routine must be establised. Probably best if I write it first thing in the morning.

An amazing storm thrashing around outside today, and all last night. Haven’t had a proper storm for a long time. Hoping the poly tunnel hasn’t blown away. Should imagine there will be some trees down. More of this weather coming as the grand solar minimum gets going. It’s not getting warmer, it’s getting colder. But people are asleep and still believe that we are changing the climate.

Right now, it’s dark out and the wind is howling. I am intending to spend the day on my own – no change there then – breathing through my nose, and taking each hour as it comes. If the wind drops I shall get out on the bike, if it doesn’t, then I shall go to the coast and watch the waves.

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