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28th Jan 2019

Today, for the first time in years, nay decades, that I have a week ahead of me with no work planned. What a welcome a feeling that is. I ended up putting up some shelves in the front room, ready for painting and new carpets coming. Listening to 50 Spiritual Classics on Audio Book. It’s really good to have in the background when you are doing something. I love the reader, and the vibe is great. You learn so much about so many great books and their writers.

It takes a certain amount of days – they say – to create a new habit. I am not sure how true that really is. It certainly takes grim determination, something you learn from being self employed! I can feel a real change in me, while at the same time, I am incredibly irritated. Much like someone coming of a drug. I have wondered whether it’s just a reaction to the fact that I am now spending maybe an hour on the screen during a day, whereas before that would be at least 15 hours a day, and often more.

My withdrawal symptoms are lack of focus, irritability and a slight boredom. It’s all to be expected, as I detox, though I had not thought about this particular aspect. I should imagine it will last a while, though being aware of it, is a good start. I have kicked many addictions it’s the one thing I do very well, so will ride it out.

Each thing we do, creates another set of related issues/challenges, something worth remembering. In fact thinking about it, it will probably get worse before it gets better, so better hunker down again, for the long haul. Bring it on!

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