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29th Jan 2019

Incredibly still grey morning today. Wet. House in chaos as things are being moved around: change is often challenging. In meditation this morning, the thought arose as to what I would rather be doing. This came about as the previous thought was why I am moving things around in the house, when really I would rather be somewhere else. I have no answer, besides here is where I seem to be currently. Maybe there are reasons that I do not understand as yet.

What a world it could have been if humanity had not been held back by the elites and their avarice for money. I believe we have been held back, and though the dam is breaking, it will be some time before humanity really shines. It will only shine if we stop accepting the status quo, start taking personal responsibility. We live in a controlled system that no longer works which is slowly and surely breaking down now. Many people are asleep and just don’t see how they are being played, I would say even farmed, just for the benefits of the few.

Anyway not worth writing about here. Today I am not spelling words with the caps, it’s too dull. I shall write what comes out, as it comes out, and see where it takes me. Also it’s only my personal opinion, not saying it’s right, it’s just what I perceive. I have no idea what this thing is that we are all so involved in, but something just doesn’t smell right. Too many simple policy changes that ‘they’ just don’t make, that would change the world over night. They do not want it to change, and while we sit back and do nothing, then nothing will change.

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