Musing from the Poly

30th Jan 2019

A cold star twinkling night out there tonight. It’s 2:42 in the morning, and sleep is alluding me. I don’t mind, I never do. Happy to be awake, as there is little you can do about it besides to go with the flow. Should be reading really, only so as not to be using the screen, but alas I am not.

My new audio book this week has been ‘The subtle art of not giving a fuck’. Nothing new but at the same time a new delivery on an old theme. Basically a book about what to, and what not to give a fuck about. On the premise that there is just not enough fucks to go around. Some good truths about honesty, and moving from passive living to more proactive living. Worth a listen.

Meanwhile the first week with nothing planned is going along nicely. Takes getting used to but being able to relax when in the company of other people is nice, as I don’t have to keep thinking about the server, clients etc. Spending so many more hours off the computers has been great, and i would like to think a new beginning of getting further away from everyday tech. We shall see.

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