Musing from the Poly

3rd Jan 2019

It blows me away just how many arm chair experts there are on every social media platform. Truth is, no one knows what’s going to happen next, we are just watching for fun. Hoping it burns down because we all know that something needs to change, and that life has become boring and pedestrian; working a lifetime just to buy the basic necessity of life, a house. Can’t do this, can’t say that. Keep on buying, keep on buying, fake news from the mainstream. Wait for it .. the joke about, I shall grab some popcorn ho ho ho. Lemmings all of us.

The inner journey seems – to me – to be so much richer than the world outside, with it’s myriad of opposing stories. The peace to be found inside, is nothing short of miraculous, and yet costs nothing, hurts no one and can provide one with all that is needed to chart these treacherous waters. The older I get, the deeper shall I go.

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