Love, Hate, Pride, Joy and all emotions, are actually not personal. They arise in the body mind mechanism, and the ‘me’ instantly claims them. We make them ours and by doing so, trap ourselves in those emotions. They are not ours to own, they are the ‘one’, the ever present witnessing awareness that is everything. Or one could say, the ‘nothing’ that is being everything, including emotions. Knowing this you can let them go rather than hold onto them. Whether it’s the hurt from yesterday or decades ago, it just arose, let it go. It no longer serves a purpose. If we, ‘I’ are one, then how could it be otherwise?

I read that back and immediately see a mistake in my crude thinking. You can’t let anything go, letting go will either happen or not. Understanding will either happen or not. Thy will be done, how could it possibly be any other way? By thinking that we are the body, everything becomes personal, when of course it is not. It can’t be. All emotions that arise in us, are not our emotions. They are arising purely from the ever present witnessing awareness. You could say it’s awareness emotioning. And knowing this they should be allowed to subside. No different than the tide coming and going, leaving no trace of the original marks the emotions made.

I want to say I love, but I don’t. There is love, and I am that.

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