Done with belief

Last night I came to the conclusion, that I am done with belief. I have come to see that a lot of what ails the world is the illusion that belief is truth. People talk about things as though they know a thing, but really it’s just based on belief. Once belief is dropped, only truth remains. One can stop reading the news, hearing people opinions as though it’s truth, and one comes to realise – or rather – hear that it’s all belief based.

I seems like such an obvious thing – I am the slowest of learners, or rather I am obtuse at times – but I see now the glaring reality of it. Solipsism [ the view or theory that the self is all that can be known to exist ] seems a better angle to approach life to me.

What I am, I do not know. But it would appear that I am having an existence of some sort, anything more than that appears to be a belief. And once negated, creates truth. So there we go, that is a writing down of this mornings arising thoughts.

I got out of the bath this morning and heard, “Tell me what you know, that is not a belief” and right there and then, I was done with belief. Also Thomas Aquinas popped into my head this morning. Never heard the name before, but interesting to look it up. A character that I shall look into. The last time a name popped into my head it was Sai Baba of Shirdi, another person I had never heard of. Interestingly Thomas Aquinas believed [ there it is belief again ] that understanding came from natural reasoning, i.e thought, and super natural prompts. With which I would agree.

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