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Just to start off, I am listening to Patrick Watson – Broken. A most excellent musician, check him out. Patrick Watson

So having recently sold my business and semi retired – I settled down to seeing how it would feel being free, to getting my life back, or rather getting a life and moving forward, whilst doing some painting and decorating – that I absolutely hate – but a way to slowly wean myself off the computers. But almost straight away I became irritated with everything and everyone. Like really irritated.

It wasn’t until yesterday – three weeks in – that I realised that the feelings and irritation I have been feeling are in essence the very same as you feel as when you give up cigarettes, drugs, alcohol etc. The only difference being that I was not tempted to use the computer at all, in fact quite the opposite. I have gone from around 15 hours a day to maybe 1 hour max a day. I have given up many things, but was not expecting the reaction I have been having, I guess I was not looking for it.

I firmly believe that the addictive quality to computers and tech is very very real. And when a person is cut off from computer access for any proper amount of time, will produce the symptoms of giving up an addiction. Hence kids freak out when you switch their machines off. I know this is not undiscovered information, but never the less a real world test for me. Having been on computers for the last 25 years, it’s great to be moving away from them. They have their purposes but to work on one on the level that I have been on, has some serious consequences!

The irony is not not lost on me, having told people for years that I was not an IT specialist, but just someone dealing with peoples addictions. I suspect in the future there will be a new name for it in the current DSM manual. My advice, get off as fast as you can and just use it when needed and no more. Unless you are using it creatively in which case, unplug from the net for as long as possible. And remember next time you are irritated maybe it’s not what you think it is.

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