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Jan 11th 2019

So, I seem to waking at around 3am currently. I thought for a moment that my sleeping was out of whack, then realised there is no whack. The idea of going to bed at the right time and getting up at the right time is all about work. How dull that is. One can only hope that the world will change and the slavery will stop.

What a world we could have had for our generation, if we had not let money rule it. So many people fall by the wayside because there were not designed for what the current world has to offer, which is little at best, and a quiet desperation at worst.

All day long, people are having to do what they are doing, purely in the the pursuit of money; paper tokens. I find it embarrassing that we still celebrate the richest people in the world, as though it’s an accolade. It is not. It is a symptom of things gone very wrong. These people should be shamed.

Go and find your own way, however hard, whatever the outcome. Be honest to yourself and everyone around you. Don’t believe what you have been told life is supposed to be. It is so much more than that. Question everything, and more than anything, be yourself.

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