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Jan 12th 2019

It’s hard to describe the weight that has been lifted from my shoulders with the selling of my business. A server monkey perched upon my shoulders for years, continually barking, “what if’s,” in my ear. Never allowing me to rest. It’s over.

Now – early this morning – I was playing guitar, my natural habitat. A million miles from the zombie apocalypse of technology. People making excuses to buy more and more gadgets, justifying it, much like junkies and their habits.

Time will tell us where it is we are heading to, but I don’t want to be a apart of that side. There is nothing in it, it’s hollow and shallow. Don’t get me wrong I like – creatively – what computers can do. But a lot of it is just business and money, in fact the majority.

Endless social media trying to fill the gaps in empty lives. To help people survive the meaningless existence that we have created for ourselves. Of course, it never will.

Nightmare future zombies walking around the streets, phones in hand, staring blankly at £1000 screens. No self worth, no idea of value, no plan, no hopes. It may seem a bleak outlook, but from 25 years in the business, all I see now is addiction, chronic and wide spread addiction.

So what do I do now? Everything that you are looking for is inside, not outside. There is nothing outside except the illusion. My journey is now creative, and inwards. Once you see that your thoughts are not yours, but purely arising in you, then you can see that there is nothing to do.

Everyday in every-way I feel so much better. And long may that continue. Freedom, real freedom is the greatest gift a person can have. We are slaves in the current system, and until that changes, the world will never be right.

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