Musing from the Poly

Jan 14th 2019

Cutting willow down today, and then chipping it. On a Monday ! My first real day off in decades. Knowing I don’t have the weight of 1000’s of emails and 100’s of websites feels very up-lifting. And being able to take my time instead of having to work in between calls, was a pleasure.

And tomorrow will bring more of the same. I am training myself to spend time away from the machine. It took me until midday to even realise that I didn’t need to hover around the phone, just in case it rings. I can’t believe such a free spirit as myself got so waylaid in the bullshit system of working life.

Never again shall I do something that has anything but a modicum of responsibility. I shall be responsible for myself, and help people when I can, and when I choose, and that is all. I found a note I made this time last year, saying I was going to sell the business come what may. I can’t remember writing it, but my sub conscious obviously did, luckily.

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