Musing from the Poly

Jan 16th 2019

A thing I have noticed recently – living a hermits life – is the penchant for speaking out loud to oneself. Often in heated conversation, about this or that. It would appear that for some time I must not have noticed, or maybe I just let it happen. But once noticed, I ceased, or rather, I am ceasing this activity. I mean how far do you go when having an internal dialogue with yourself, before you give up?

I have recently ordered a book, “Essays and Aphorisms,” by Schopenhauer. I have always been put off his work, purely by looking at his name. Talk about judging a book by it’s cover! But I have been coming across him more and more in my quest for a knowledge upgrade. Really looking forward to reading it.

Realising one is asleep, is the moment one becomes half awake. I think Ouspensky said something similar. I feel this is true. I was certainly asleep for at least 4 decades of my life. It is neither good or bad to be asleep, but once one awakes, the world and it’s machinations take on a whole new dimension. As does the realisations about the self, life and the tiny part we all play.

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