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Jan 18th 2019

Once you see the illusion for what it is, it is very hard to see life any other way. What in the modern vernacular would be called, ‘being red pilled’. And by illusion I don’t mean as experienced by Vedic master and others, no, rather that you can see through the farcical and yet violently dangerous world that we live in. You see that ‘ our owners ‘ are the bankers, as they are the owners of the the media and the political classes. We live in nothing more than a system, that once you see it for what it really is, you fast realise it is purely that. A system of control, put into place by long gone aristocracy to keep the common man in his place.

Of course the ‘woke’ critically thinking person can see through this travesty. Can see through the contradictions, hypocrisy and redundant pageantry; that no longer server the people – if it ever did – but now only serves the elites and monied classes. But, as those same ‘ woke ‘ people, grow in number and understanding the elites become scared, and when scared they hatch out ever more devious ways of waylaying what they know is coming. Human sovereignty, the right to be a human being. Not someone to be controlled, taxed, and treated as nothing more than the working classes.

People are learning fast as they always have, but this time, their knowledge has become a dangerous tool against the elites. Who with their antiquated system, outdated laws and inability to trust anyone out of their – trusted – circle, cannot adapt fast enough to stem the flooding tides of change sweeping the world. I for one welcome this change, albeit born of violence and bloodshed. For surely the only thing worth fighting for in life is ones freedom?

So we shall see what ‘they’ do next. But whatever it is, many woke people will see it for what it is. A false flag, a lie, a bolt and chain within which our freedom has been taken for hundreds of years, and which at the same time has chained us to a life of nothing more than servitude to and for our masters. Whilst hidden in this lie is the idea of salvation through the collection of their precious tokens, otherwise called Money. Vive la revolution !

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