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Jan 1st 2019

So day one is here, the imaginary demarcation line of beginning, or of ending, depending where you stand. Traditionally a time of resolution for some and desolation for others. Me, I don’t believe in the imaginary line, it’s just the passage of now, marked out in days months hours and minutes. A way of taming it to our liking.

Time will take us where we are heading, and there is little that can be done about that. We may well think that we have control of what happens next but it’s on a very basic level. Yes, you can instigate change, but is it really you that is the motivation for this change, or just your reaction to the thoughts that arise within you?

At least we can follow the changes as they arise, and by doing so – possibly – help your self on your journey. A journey that it would appear one has little control of, except the tacking of the sail as the winds of change, blow across ones brow.

Yesterday is not there, and tomorrow never comes, only now is actually present and therefore all else is just made up nonsense that we tell ourselves to make the days pass in a more pleasant manner. If only we could live in the captured moment without the mind haranguing us. Therein lies the rub.

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