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Jan 2nd 2019

How will this year unfold? There are many things lined up to create an interesting year for the people on this plane-t. The financial world is coming undone, or rather, the scam is coming to an end. The same scam that is connected to the next event.

All over Europe the cracks are showing, not least by the colour of the yellow vests. I suspect that more of this will be seen throughout the EU. The European spring is being slated as being the spring of 2019, which would not be surprising given the gross inequality that the ECB has created, using the flick of a button.

Very interesting times, as many people are waking up to the idea of individual sovereignty and walking away from the mainstream news/political puppet shows. The peasants not so much, as they are consumed in consumerism. But the ‘woke’ folk as it were, are getting the gist now, and are starting to dip their toes into Bitcoin as a way of taking power away from the oligarchs, while gaining back their own power.

Everyday things take us further into the unknown as we find our way in the 21st Century. Everything is being questioned; history, political history, banking history all kicked off by the big mistake of 9/11. Bitcoin’s meme, “Don’t trust: Verify” has a lot of power and people are tapping into it. Bring on the change, it is woefully needed.

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