Musing from the Poly

Jan 4th 2019

Went out walking in the cold today, to get away from the screen. I have spent decades staring at this thing. Thousands and thousands of life hours – of which are limited – working away doing something I don’t even like. I never did. It’s funny how we fall into the things we do. Probably not be accident, but there again, maybe it is.

How I managed to stay sane over the years is a mystery. Certainly went through two major break downs, and a relationship from hell. But still got up everyday and carried on working. Why? Because we are slaves, or didn’t you know?

Yet, all is not lost. Next week the business is sold and I will no longer be chained to this screen for work. They – computers – can be very useful when creating music, writing and many other aspects of creativity. But to work on them, just keeping them running and peoples email working etc, is the most pedestrian, boring and mind numbing job there has ever been. And 25 years in, no one knows what they are doing.

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