Musing from the Poly

Jan 7th 2019

Dreams have become so real to me now that I refuse to distinguish them from this thing we call reality. I have intense interactions with people that I meet over and over again. Characters that I have come to know, who only inhabit the place that I see them in. Characters that are not in another dream. It was weird at first, but now, I look forward to them.

Other dreams have people that I do know in this reality, inter-mingled with whoever inhabits the dream space that we are in. The details are acute; wall paper peeling on a seam, the light on the street, the vibe of a place. Places that even have emotion attached to them. It’s like another reality that I have known and know.

They began when I started meditating seriously, and even though now I don’t sit as long, luckily the dreams have stayed. I wake in the morning and reflect on the goings on, the persons that I saw, or the things we did. But also of the feelings that I brought back with me. Just as real as anything in this life. For that reason, I take them as things I have done, places I have been and that they are just as pertinent to me, as any other interactions I have in this life.

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