Musing from the Poly

Jan 8th 2019

I awoke in the dark – at this time of year I always do – at 5:30. I could hear the wind getting up with me, whistling around the corner of the house. It’s a quiet house, not like some, that creak and moan; older houses made of wood and cob. My house is concrete, a 70’s bungalow planted in the corner of a field a few decades ago, and left to it’s own devices.

The day is going to be a busy one. Today I start the hand over of my business to another company. A bit like giving away the family jewels. It will usher in a new era of my life. One that does not revolve around maintaining computer systems for people. One that does not mean that I am chained to the office day after day, just in case something happens on the server. I can’t wait, and so this is all I am writing today.

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