Musing from the Poly

Jan 9th 2019

Beautiful clear night last night. I have a large window, and from there I can sit and watch the stars before the day starts. I have no wonder anymore when I look at the stars, as I don’t know what they are. I don’t believe in much of what we have been told about the universe. It’s mostly just guess work, and cobbled together ideas. I actually don’t want to know, it’s so much more than any description.

Every day that passes I learn more about what we don’t know, and forget more of what I thought I knew.

Lately I have been interested in going from deep breathing to very shallow breathing. It’s been a real eye opener. ‘They’ say that one should take deep breaths, but it would appear that is also not correct, along with so many other things ‘They’ say.

Outside the sun has risen now, as the birds sang like crazy, even in the winter. I notice that crows, magpies and seagulls, don’t join in the dawn chorus. Though owls do, they really go for it before heading to bed for the day.

Night time or day time, is all the same for me now. I love it. No rules to life, only the ones we have learnt. I am a sovereign being, as we all are.

Great day ahead, business hand over day. Yay !

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