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On being out of date …

It is easy to presume that we are being informed of the latest information with regards to Science, History and Economics by the likes of mainstream media. Besides the obvious, “Experts say … ” and “Sources close to the Government say…” mind numbing baloney, that only the stupid are unaware of, they continue to spurt out this theory or another as though it were truth. But are we being informed, or is it just regurgitated ideas and phrases that have no real content or meaning?

Schopenhauer put it perfectly. “In the history of the world half a century is a considerable period, because it’s material is always changing, inasmuch as something is always happening. In the history of literature, on the other hand, half a century is often no time at all, because nothing has happened: things are as they were fifty years before.
It is consistent with this state of things that we should see the scientific, literary and artistic Zeitgeist declared bankrupt about every thirty years: for during this period the errors contained in it have grown to such proportions as to crush it by the weight of their absurdity, while the opposing view has at the same time been strengthened by them. So now there is a sudden change: but what often succeeds is an error in the opposite direction. To exhibit the periodical recurrence of this state of things would be the true pragmatic material of literary history.”

Much like the current Climate change data. The same scientists that told us Manhattan would be under water by Jan 2019 are still be listened to, as though they are relevant. The data is out of date. The ground hog day of education fails in this regard, as it only teaches students what the previous theories were, rather than what the current thinking is. One only has to look at the financial mess the world is in, to see this in action. Our current economy is being run by the brightest economists in the world, and yet here we are sinking under the weight of debt never before witnessed. How can this be?

So what am I saying? Well, I guess, Don’t trust: Verify. Once you start looking at the data that is thrown around, there is nothing to it. Normally it is bolstered by big money and government thinking, but that in no way make it right. The mavericks out there are discovering the truth, because they travel lighter and are better equipped to see the truth, than big government and education establishments can ever hope to be. Personally I believe it is these people who need to be taken more seriously, because the old ways of learning have been left behind. And because people can double check facts – if so inclined – it is far harder to scare people into conformity and obedience than it used to be.

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