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On Bitcoin …

Most people are still unaware of what Bitcoin is, or how it is going to fundamentally change the world. Some people who are locked into the mainstream diatribe have heard that it’s for buying drugs; that it is not real money, etc etc bla bla. They say this because they can fully see and understand that Bitcoin is going to, and already is, taking away their power. A non-confiscatable, borderless, permissionless and trustless currency and store of value, that ‘they’ have no control over. Another name for this is sovereign wealth.

For too long the banks have held back the true flowering of humanity through their control of the money supply. Creating taxes for their wars, creating tax havens for their war profits. Taxing the poor with bonuses for the rich. In effect, keeping people in slavery. No matter what the mainstream try and tell you, people are angry. They are motivated and working together to create a new world, because it would appear that the people in charge are so out of touch, they are incapable of grasping the truth. Government have stopped listening to the people, if they ever did. Banks care not whether you live or die, it’s about profit for them, and nothing else.

The IMF, BIS and all of those criminal organisations will be brought down, because without control of money, they have no power. And people are now waking up and realising this. Why is Bitcoin so different? Because they cannot take it off you, or stop you using it, which is their main control mechanism. I am a sovereign being who refuses to recognise a government who will not recognise me. As a country we are billions of pounds in debt, purely because we bailed out the bankers. The bankers who lost our money, which we then had to pay back to them. The biggest transfer of wealth from the poor to the rich in history.

Government are supposed to be working for the people, and yet they don’t. The general populous seem to be happy to have a pathetic voting system every 4 years to just vote in some other lackie with no power. The best vote you can have is to stop voting. They system is broken beyond repair in it’s current form. The game of monopoly finished in 2008. It’s time to put it all back in he box and start again. And that is exactly what Bitcoin is doing. Long Bitcoin, short the bankers.

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