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On growing a beard …

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OK, so I’m growing a beard, or at least I am not shaving, the beard is actually growing itself. I am going for a yeard, which is to grow a beard for a year. I am around two and a half months in at the moment. And I have to say, it’s fun. Lots to learn it would appear, who knew !

The first thing is the way it makes you asses yourself. For the last few weeks, all I can see is beard. The old Nick is being hidden by the face fuzz, which I like. Much like going into stealth mode. I like not looking the same, it’s always good to change. And bearding is a change.

Why am I growing a beard? Well for fun initially, but also, men should have beards, it’s natural. I prefer natural women in the same way. There are so many geisha girls out on the streets, who don’t seem to realise, or maybe don’t care, that they literally look painted. It’s look really weird to me and totally fake. I also think there has been a feminisation of men over the last few decades, which I don’t feel is very helpful. So growing a beard is just doing what comes naturally and at the same time, staking out the fact that I am a man, and proud of it.

Originally I was inspired to grow a beard by a few models who took to not shaving for a couple of months. Wow what a difference! Women are hairy, just like men. Seeing a fully hairy women makes one realise that men and women really are not that different and are indeed from the same species. We are told that men are from mars etc etc, but that’s baloney. Yes we are different in our ways, but we are both from the same subset. We have hair it’s ok. Women have shaved for so long, that we expect nothing less.

I came to wondering that maybe men shave because they want to look more feminine. To be more girl like. Makes me laugh now, as non bearded men to me, don’t look so manly as they used to. Things have changed I guess. I like it, it’s time to Man Up !

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