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What is it with this hoarding thing? Some people suffer more than others with it, but we all have it a little bit it would appear. I just threw out a whole bunch of DVD’s and books that I will never watch or read again, and yet it was still a real, should I shouldn’t I moment. Luckily I can get over that, but many people can’t. I mean even email. Users store gigabytes of useless emails as though somehow, without it, they will be caught short. They make up all sorts of excuses, much like Facebook users do. “Oh I only use it for the kids!” Yea, like the kids are still using FB having moved on to to tictack, snapchat etc. “Oh I may need an old email for – insert reason – so I better keep them all!” Even the 5000 unread ones going back 5 years.

No idea when this must have started with humans. If we were hunter gatherers, then I guess we travelled light. But I do wonder when it started happening. Maybe it’s a security thing. And yet we know that we can take nothing with us. It is most strange behaviour. Maybe we need to somehow validate ourselves by the things around us, as if just being alive is not enough. Who knows. But it seems to be getting worse.

Now that I have started, I shall be going through every nook and all crannies in search of crap that I really don’t need. Mostly it appears to be buildery kinds of things. I know I gave away most of my tool kit years ago, and yet it appears to have come back again. Old jumpers that I shall never wear, still hanging in hope that I may change my mind. Too many pairs of old boots that I no longer need. A myriad of tech that is better off being crushed and made into some other useless item, that someone else will store.

Meanwhile we all bitch about the state of the planet, while will pile junk in every corner of our houses. We store endless emails on servers that burn power day and night, just in case you may need it. Truth is, we are a race, a rat race, and it’s really starting to show in the way we blindly ignore the obvious, purely for the ‘thumbs up’ high of now. Well it is to me, and seeing that no one read this, it will only be me.

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