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Letting go, can be, and is, a tough one. Obviously some things are easier to let go of than others. Personal possessions is a case in point that don’t have any hold over me, as I am able just to chuck stuff away. Slightly harder when it comes to tools, I tend to keep them for ages, then suddenly dump them on someone, and then end up needing to buy new ones. But generally material things I don’t find hard. Also places, are easy for me. I can live wherever and move on, and live somewhere else just fine, never had a problem with that. I can love living somewhere but I don’t get emotionally entrenched in it, leastways not as yet. Emotions I have struggled far harder with, as I have with my childhood. And love, well, yea that as well.

Letting go starts at the beginning of ones life of course. A constant process. Letting go in your belief of father christmas, as an example. Your mothers breast milk I guess, along with letting go of being a baby. You let go of ideas as your move through your early childhood. You let go your innocence, your faith in many things. In your teens you are already starting to let go of your youth. By the end of your 20’s you are thinking you have a handle on it, as you let go of more dream. During your 30’s it’s letting go of your wrinkle free skin, but it’s ok, you can handle it. 40’s kick in, and many dreams and wishes where let go long ago. Husbands, wives, partners are next. Your kids have fledged and yet still there is more to let go of.

In these instances, if you have done any spiritual work at all, you will start realising that life is all about letting go, and you better get started as soon as possible. But you still can’t control it or stop it. Letting go has it’s own pace. Your muscle tone goes, along with your fitness. Your sight fails, your hearings not as good as it was. Back not quite so straight, knees not great. The you are letting go of parents if you have haven’t already, along with all the things you can no longer do. When I see the old people who are finding it easier to let go than others. They seem to have a transparent skin and shine a little.

Eventually there comes a day when you have to give it all up. The name you were borrowing, the life you had. Any friends family and enemies; your loves and hates. Finally letting go of life itself on the journey into the unknown. Now to me, that is what the practise of letting go is for, so that in the end you can take a final breath and be totally prepared for whatever the future holds. No worries no stress, nothing left undone. At that moment everything will be as it is, and you can’t change what is. And if you have really practised letting go through-out your life, then maybe it will be you with the transparent skin, and a shining glow.

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