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On looking for a sofa …

Listening to Paul Buchanan from the Blue Nile

On the way for yet another appointment for me to be – in the words of Arlo Guthrie – “Inspected, injected and rejected by learned Dr’s” I continued my quest for the ultimate sofa find. The kind of places I never go. Places inhabited by a strange breed of human; the furniture sales man/woman/person. After entering such a sofa emporium, which in truth is nothing more than a massive hanger masquerading as a sofa shop. Indeed just as the big supermarkets are. I mean if stop to look up, you realise it’s just a hanger full of food for a greedy over fed population, looking for just, “One wafer more!”. Digression over, for the moment.

As I walked around this humungous building, I was approached by various suited people, popping out of nowhere, to see if I needed help. One guy managed to corner me, he was friendly and I liked him. He was called Ollie. I told him I was looking for certain type of sofa which, to my wonderment, he could think of only two that fitted the bill. What prey was my criteria you may wonder? Well just a comfortable sofa! I mean here was a whole hangar full of sofas, and only two were comfortable in his opinion! I had never seen so many stiff up tight sofas. The state of the world, I thought?

He then proceeded to show me what was indeed a comfy sofa. As he handed me a big book of fabrics to choose from he said.
“You don’t mind me asking, what work you do, as you look like a creative.”
I told him I had just retired, but that hidden under this futile disguise I was wearing, I was indeed a creative. We fell to talking about how he could pick up a vibe about people, just by the sofas they looked at. This led us on to music, and how music nails so many pivotal points to ones life line. He said that recently he was driving along and a Nolans song came on, and he was suddenly back sitting next to his Dad driving somewhere. His Dad had died twenty years before.

So while sitting on this plumpfy sofa, he discovered that I had been a computer geek for years, and had retired. That I had played music for many years before that. And that I was just getting back to it, having pointed my life in another direction. I found out from him that he was 44, and that we had both been to Wembley arena before it was all changed, and that music nailed shit down in ones life. And that his Dad had died, when he was only 24. And yet it was the Nolans that brought him back for short moment while he himself was driving somewhere. We had a lot more in common as I noticed he had some great tattoo work, but we left it there.

It was nice moment we had together. No it was better than that, it was a really nice interaction, were we shared a little bit of our lives for a moment. Two people opening up and talking about shit that matters, not sofas and all the other nonsense we get caught up in. I didn’t buy the sofa, but wish I had just so that Ollie got the commission. Good on you Ollie and I hope you find what you’re looking for, as I do for myself.

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