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On missing a day …

Listening to early Roy Harper

So yesterday I missed a day. The question to myself was, does it matter? Well in truth no, and yet one must keep to ones plan, in order for a plan to have substance. But to miss one day every now and again, is not important, so I shall not worry about it. Today was a lovely day, the sun shone the company was good, and things got done. All very easy.

I started reading the Tao Te Ching yesterday having received my very lovely copy of it. So much wisdom in so few words. Words that most people have no time for as they fight each other, and anyone who offends there sensibilities. Seeing the way things are these days, I do feel that we are being corralled into separations; Trump v Clinton, Black v White, Right v Left even Woman v Man. It’s all total nonsense and yet people – what I would consider sensible people – talk about these things as though they are real, and not just a constructs, with no value or meaning.

Chapter 2 says it best

When everyone in the world sees beauty,
Then ugly exists.
When everyone sees good,
Then bad exists.
What is and what is not create each other.
Difficult and easy complement each other.
Tall and short shape each other.
High and low rest on each other.
Voice and tone blend with each other.
First and last follow each other.
So, the sage acts by doing nothing,
Teaches without speaking,
Attends all things without making claim on them,
Works for them without making them dependent,
Demands no honor for his deed.
Because he demands no honor,He will never be dishonoured.

The ‘this v that’ system is to keep everyone occupied in a way that makes them feel involved, when in fact that have absolutely no choice in anything. A broken governmental system, and broken financial system, which is creating a broken social system. One that will collapse in on itself, unless truth is allowed to breathe. But as it is, truth is not allowed, as it will de throne the powerful and wealthy. It will eventually change, but it will violent, purely because people can’t read a few simple words that could change the world. And then with moral fibre, live those words. Maybe one day, maybe one day, just maybe one day.

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