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I didn’t realise until the last few years just how close motor cycling and surfing where in terms of thrill and skill. Both are about speed, forward thinking, danger and exhilaration. I was never much of a surfer. I had a moment when I thought i was pretty good on a boogie board back in the day, but water wasn’t my thing. Having had bikes since I was able to walk, and access to motorcycles from when I was around twelve, biking was my preferred sport.

But never the less, the similarities between surfing and biking – I have found more recently – to be striking, if not obvious. A surfer checks the weather, wind, atmosphere and locations. As does a biker. Roads can be treacherous, or peachy, like waves and oceans. The surfer will read the wave, get in position and start to paddle. The biker, reads the corners, set up the bike and controls the throttle. The biker looks for a series of corners and bends, stitching them together, much like the surfer twisting and turning as he carves up the wave.

There are days when it flows, and days when you can’t get it right. And much like a surfer you keep on going, until you have to come home, or get out of the water. Having ridden bikes for decades it is only since I have really started practising my motorcycle skills that I have seen the similarities to surfing. And in that Tao way, it’s about being completely present, while at the same time going with the flow, enjoying the beauty of it, the feeling of it, the Tao of it.

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