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On sadness …

I sometimes wonder whether everyone has around me is just basically happy. They seem to be, though all no doubt have there own day to day problems. But I presume – given that poets and singers are less plentiful than the average citizen – that they have a little more sadness that the ‘average’ person. I only say this as music garners in me – and in many I suspect – the emotions sometimes hidden from every day view.

That of course leads straight to the question, what is happiness? I wonder whether happiness could be likened to clouds, in fact let’s attach all our emotions to this idea. Emotions – happiness and sadness uncle tom cobbly and all – are much like clouds. Sometimes they skud by, at other times, they shine and dazzle, while on some days, they are grey and hang heavy. And on occasions one may have a blue sky day. For myself it would seem, there are always a few clouds. As Roy Harper sang in a song so many years ago. “Black clouds are hanging, in a patch blue sky …” For me this is true. There is always – if not a black cloud – then a greyish cloud hanging in my blue sky.

Don’t get me wrong, I am moving along fine. Making sense of something that will never make sense, I.E the world. I know fully that there will always feel like something is missing, but that is because I know what it is. I am a fish out of water on this plain, and so as such, just have to do my time, before I can get home. Of course many folks out there would say, uh oh, he’s gone mental, or spiritual or whatever. Which is true looking from a normal point of view, but if you have the experience of oneness, you know this is not real. It really is just something one is passing through. Transient in all it forms. The great play of consciousness.

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