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I started my day early as usual, though no meditation. That happens sometimes. I then went to an old friends to clear his garden, as he is too old, and it is to be inspected by the council for rats. I loaded up the car with rotting wood, and various bags of nasty bits and pieces and drove it to the dump. I popped back on the way home to do his shopping.

I then came home, jumped on the motorbike, went into town fuelled it up, and then headed to visit another friend who is severely disabled. He was really keen on me fitting a new video card into his mac, and had been waiting a while. He was chuffed as always, and we had a good laugh as we do. I then burnt back along the coast road, most excellent!

On arriving home, and cracked out the ride on mower for the first time for the year. The grass is so thick and long, as it hasn’t stopped growing this winter. On top of which it was very wet, so a slow cut, with the sun warming my face.

Back in the house, I picked up the ringing phone, and quickly logged into someones machine to help them with a little mail problem. We had a nice little chat, and all was well. Back out in the garden I pruned the fruit trees, and broke up some of the big grass clogs from the mower.

Then I did a lovely walking meditation up the lane. Cold on the back of my head, sorted by upping my hoodie. Breathing through my nose the whole way, I tried to keep my mind focused on gratefulness. So easy to forget how lucky we are, in whatever this strange matrix we inhabit is.

The finer things in life do not cost anything. It’s that simple. Air is free, as food should be to those that need it. Helping others costs nothing except time, which is not ours to give or take. All is well at the Woollas.

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