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On the joys of not working …

So today, I had a regular visit with an old client that I have been giving tuition to for many years. I have done it so long, we have become friends, and has become Monthly catch up in truth. Normally this would mean me driving there and then fretting all the while, as we go over the same old stuff over and over again, knowing that business emails would be building up at home. Which all equals to stress of course, but not today. And hopefully never again.

The sun was shining as I headed off but for the first time ever, I decided to park the car on the prom and walk across to Newlyn. A far better way of arriving at the destination in my opinion. As I meandered along, trying to slow down, as I am always far to early, I couldn’t help but notice the amount of people walking along [ the zombie apocalypse ] with head phones on, looking down at their phones. There I was enjoying the sound of the sea ,the gulls, the world, and yet there were zombies everywhere who’s only interest lay outside of themselves. Addicted is understatement of where we are currently at.

I arrived at my destination, having not only enjoyed the walk, but also made sure to keep my mouth closed for the journey, to give my lungs practise at limiting oxygen intake. It’s really hard but a great walking meditation. We went through all the normal stuff, and on leaving I headed to a place almost next door to move another emailer off the server. That was really great. A painter who’s email I have been dealing with for 20 years, but someone I never really met. We had lots in common and had a great chat that lasted a good couple of hours. Excellent!

I then headed back to the car, picking up a pasty on the way. Past the myriad dog walkers and owners of which there are far too many down here. With time to burn, I then went to the barbers close to where my car was parked. Eventually arriving home mid PM. Where I settled in for some Rebel Wisdom on Youtube. Now, for me, that is how a work day should be. With as little work in it as possible and as much personal enjoyment as possible. Surely that is what life was supposed to be? And yet one is made out to be a slacker if you don’t work all the time, what bollocks that all is. May everyday unfold in a similar way. Perfect.

As for the zombies, what can I say, I have been one myself, but luckily I am coming out into the light leaving the screens behind me and confronting reality, whatever that is!

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