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Seems like everywhere I go these days, people are saying they feel the world has never been so chaotic. It surprises me sometimes. Being better connected than we used to be – and with the advent of people beginning to look behind the curtains of the mainstream and political soap opera stories, and dig for the truth – means we have access to more info. So yes it appears more chaotic, but in truth, we just never knew what was going on before.
Personally I think it’s great. People are beginning to make opinions having been asleep for years And though many still just repeat the sock puppets of the news outlets, it’s still good that they are motivating, albeit blindly. It’s all too easy now to spot the people still plugged into the mainstream, the normies or npc’s as they are called. How? Because they all have exactly the same point of view. The same opinion, to a man.

Luckily for us all, other people are starting to publish truth not based on information thirty years out of date. So much of science, history, government etc is so out of date. Yes we are moving forward technologically, but our lives are based on theories decades old; our very system is decades old. No one talks about, it’s the elephant in the room. And it’s holding us back from keeping up with what’s happening in out tech lives. Things like Blockchain voting would change the voting system over night. And yet rather than do that, people watch the punch and judy show of TV politics, while remaining powerless to do or change anything.

Taking a note out of something Krishnamurti once said not long before he died, when asked about his secret to life . He replied,
“I don’t mind what happens.”
He followed it by saying,
“Some of you may get it, and some of you won’t.”
It is brilliant in my opinion. I care what happens next, but I don’t mind. There is no point in minding. It is what it is. Taoist in it’s way I guess. Having not watched the mainstream for over fifteen years, I can argue my point as to what I think is going on, like the best of them – I am after all – self informed. I may be wrong or right, but I know it’s my opinion at least, and not the some else’s. So knowing that, I do not invest in the outcome. It just doesn’t matter to me. I don’t need a government to tell me what I can and can’t do; what I should and should not think. I am a sovereign being and will always be, long after the shit has hit the fan. It’s all bullshit, and we, as the people involved, should wake up and know this already. Then, and only then, can the world start healing.

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