• re: Dan

    His death hollowed me out like an old log and set me adrift on a sea of sorrows. I hope to once again reach the shores of joy, but for now, I am lost.

  • Can you step out of the river

    There’s a river
    Where you live
    Day in day out
    Your whole life

    In the last breath
    The river revealed
    Breath in breathe out
    Your whole life

    Watch the river
    And see it’s not you
    Just a thought
    A thought of me

    Step out
    Let go of it
    Be what you are
    The watcher

    A thought
    Becomes a river
    Becomes a me
    Becomes lost

    There’s a river
    Where you lived
    Day in day out
    Your whole life now

  • To my Friend Dan

    On the sunniest of days
    On a breathless wind
    You left us
    As unexpected, as your arrival

    The words we spoke together stay on
    Though the form you took – that I loved so much – is no more
    And I know – as you also did – that life is more than the five senses
    And that what you truly are, can never not be

    You saw the universe where people saw only the world
    You knew God, the Self; Brahman
    And in that you saw your true Self; God
    I have only love and gratitude to offer you now

    To see your face that last time, you looked so young; unformed
    There was a question upon your brow
    Which brings such sorrow in my remembering today
    I would have answered, if I only I could of heard

    I  hope we meet again, though I know nothing of such things
    And there I ponder awhile. Was ours, a meeting of friends once lost?
    Was this not the first time, but of old friends meeting once again?
    I may never know this, but I shall forever live in hope

    Love and Blessings Uncle Nick