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Post one 27th Dec 2018

This is the first post from the poly [ poly being poly tunnel ]. I was going to start it on the 1st of the year but in truth – for me – the year has already started as I tend to aim more for Solstice – mid winter – than the fiasco we call Christmas. So for me, it’s around 6 days into the new year.

It’s very hot in here today, so seems like a good day to start. Currently I am waiting for the sale of my business to go through. I have run my own hosting and email company for the last 20 years and I am now dropping out. Do I have enough money to do this? No, I don’t. But when it’s time for change it’s time for change, and there is little you can do about it.

Time will tell how it goes, but I have no fear of what comes next. I have experienced so much in life that there is nothing I can’t handle, even death holds no fear. I have spent the last 7 years or so on a more spiritual path, so I expect some of that will come through this blog.

Some people may wonder why I am bothering to do this, and to be honest, so do I. But luckily I don’t really care, it’s just something I fancy doing. I am going to back it up with a YouTube channel with me chatting for 10mins. I shall link from the site.

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