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I don’t know whether it’s every person out there, or just me that has this haunting need to go places. To see, smell hear and feel places. I could wander off now, and do just that for the next decade, never using the same road twice. Wanderlust, I have always had it, but it’s really strong in me at the moment. Maybe because I have dumped the work load, maybe a time of life, I don’t know. I guess at some point I will have to go, or the urge will leave me Who knows what the future may hold that will progress it or arrest it for me.

I kind of envy the people that don’t feel like that. Who feel they are where they are meant to be. For me, this is not the case. I feel I am supposed to be somewhere else, but I am not sure where. I feel this has been true since I was born. And of course having been born here it’s only natural to want to go, and go I have. I came home, but feel I should not have done. The west penwith that I knew and loved has long gone. Over supermarketed. Filled up with ‘cheap affordable’ housing. With the National Trust and English Heritage ruining the wild moors, with their homogenisation and complete lack of sympathy for the area, of course with the help of EU money.

Second homes abound, while high streets look like the 70’s but worse, as we should know better. Penwith council has always always lacked any vision at all. And that is same today as it ever was. It was a beautiful place here, and could have exceeded their monetary dreams of tourism, but alas they were too busy giving each other back handers to make Penwith the place it could have been. But I digress, besides the destruction of Penwith, I need to get away and look forward to when that happens.

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