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As I move around the social landscape, be it in person, or through ‘social’ media, it’s amazing to see how many sleepy folk there are out there. Blissfully unaware of what is going on around them. Reading the papers, listening to the dreaded BBC propaganda machine, and then talking to each other in their own little manufactured echo chamber. Whilst other keyboard warriors finger peck their way through some meaningless rant about the state of this, or the state of that. But no one is actually doing anything.

The yellow vests are consolidating, creating global groups, and – it would appear – they are getting ready for some action in the spring summer. And yet none of this needs to happen, if people were just awake enough to see the matrix around them. Anaesthetised by the TV and Radio hypnotism being run by the governments/corporations/banks. They have become hapless and presume that playing the puerile game of politics may actually change something, even though history does not show this.

Not that it matters, nor am I doing any more than anyone else. Personally I am not invested in the outcome either way. Win or lose, left or right, war or peace, it’s actually all the same. It only really matter to those that think that there is some form of getting ahead in the world. Of course this is ridiculous as each lifetime is so limited by culture and by lifespan. There is only one controlling factor throughout the world. It’s the monetary system, that is what need changing. It’s the only important issue, and yet no one ever talks about it. Baahhh bahhhh bahhhh is all hear.

I don’t believe that is by accident. And yet it is so obvious. Money controls everything. Money is controlled by the banking cartel. The banking cartel control politics and always have. Simple policy changes could change the world over night, and yet no party anywhere in the world does actually change policy. I wonder why? Even though the monetary system is broken, still no one questions it. Long Bitcoin, short the bankers. But also long the control system, short the revolution. Hope I am wrong.

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