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What have I learn’t …

So 57 years later, what have I learn’t in life? Where to start. I guess I can only look now through the glasses of my most recent learnings, as opposed to what I thought I knew back then. I was told at at a very early age that life was not fair. It was put to me like this from my Father, ‘Who said life was going to be fair?” Who indeed, though for some reason, I just presumed it was. Not sure how old I would be, but I was certainly only a tacker.

I have learnt that love is not unconditional, and can be used against you. I have learn’t that what ever we think we know, is nothing more than ideas strung together. Much like we make sounds, that we then attach meaning to, and call words. Nothing is known, no matter who says so. It’s all just guess work. I have learn’t that governments do not work for the people, they work for the banks. I have learn’t that we have been lied to for 100’s of years. About history, about science, about many things that surround us in this life.

I have learn’t that humanity, does not have a plan. We are just drifting along being ruled by millionaires, who’s only real agenda is to keep their wealth and power. I have learn’t that we would rather spend money on illegal wars, than on hospitals. I have learn’t that there are very few people that you can trust. I have learn’t that anyone wearing a suit and tie, has been brainwashed. I have learnt that education is just a form of controlling the grown human.

I have learn’t that nature, though I cannot know how it works, appears to be the only thing that is real in terms of unconditionality. It does not harm on purpose, it does not manipulate on purpose. Nature is, and that is enough. Though not for us, as although we feign care for it, we stand by while it is destroyed in the name of progress. I have learn’t that there is more to life, than life. That somewhere somehow there is a force that animates the form that I am in. Call it soul, call it spirit, but I have felt it and know it’s there. I do not however, know whether it is benign, or more sinister. I guess that will be known in good time.

So now, when I look out the window and move around the world. The one thing that I have really learn’t is that I do not know anything. I do not know what this is, where it is, or how it is. It just appears to be, and maybe that is enough. Take away all the labels and you are left with what is, and you can’t change, what is.

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