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When people stop believing …

It’s interesting watching from the sidelines as people start waking up to the reality that they have been – and are still being – lied to on a daily basis by the mainstream poisoned media. Wether through Hollywood, BBC, MSM or any of these propaganda lying machines designed to warp not only the present, but also the past, people are being lied to. It’s not that this has not been known about before, it’s just that most people preferred to pull the wool over their own eyes, rather than see the truth.

This approach does not work in the long run however, leastways, it only works if the mainstream media control the narrative. Of course these days it’s clear that they are losing this battle of control. This can be seen by Youtube, Twitter etc taking down, not just racists etc, but anyone in conflict with their world view. This is not about free speech, it’s about control. The same control that has been used for literally hundreds of years, but which is now unravelling very quickly. But ignoring it will no longer work as people are learning faster than big gov can squelch it. Knowledge is being shared exponentially and that is a game changer.

Of course the obvious approach would be to open up a dialogue with the people. But they will not do this, as they would soon realise that their tenuous positions would be lost. Big government is not needed, as the battle raging over the controlling powers of the EU realise only too well. We are all sovereign beings who live and die under the control of the ruling classes. It’s not changed for hundreds of years, and they have been happy to keep it this way. But change is coming and can be clearly seen all over the world, on every diverse subject under the sun. The intellectual Dark Web being a symptom of this.

The confusion now is what to believe. They have dug their holes bigger by doubling down on their lies. Pushing the point long after the game is up. This confusion will lead to conflict, and that conflict will lead to their down fall. The whole paradigm is only propped up by the idea of money and the control of it. Once that is taken out of the equation – or rather – once the control of money is taken away from the state, then things really start changing. That is what is happening now. Bitcoin is the tool for this. A currency designed by the people for the people, that will allow us to actually reach our potential. Unfortunately before that happens, there will be violence, while the system gets swamped by the people, and reacts as it is currently doing in France. Once again the mainstream are not airing what is going on, as they cower in fear of an uprising.

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